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Add natural beauty to your outdoor space with a commercial or residential segmental retaining walls. Our elegant walls are the perfect addition to any landscape design, and their durability and ease-of-installation make them a great choice for anyone.

Freestanding or Structural Retaining Walls - Coronado Best Turf San Diego
Freestanding or Structural Retaining Walls - Coronado Best Turf San Diego

Freestanding or Structural Retaining Walls

In a place with as many hills and slopes in Southern California, a retaining wall will protect your property from soil erosion or increase its usability. A high-quality retaining wall can even add visual interest to your yard.

Our retaining wall specialists are knowledgeable and skilled in constructing all types of retaining walls. We will construct walls that do not only provide the much-needed functionality in your outdoor area but also complement and enhance the surrounding landscape design. We also design and build walls based on your specific needs, using high-quality products to ensure a strong and attractive finished structure.

Types of Retaining Walls Used in Landscapes:

Start modernizing your outdoor hillside, by adding retaining walls, cinder block walls, stucco walls, or concrete walls to your old yard and create a new landscape design that looks structured, high end, and segmented.

Structural retaining walls:

They are built for a specific function for your property such as to prevent soil erosion. Also, it handles water drainage issues, creates different levels in a garden, maintains a slope, and support vertical grade changes.

Decorative retaining walls:

We can also build decorative or accent retaining walls and landscaping tiers to add usable space and beauty to your outdoors. They can be used to accent certain garden features, as a base for a fence, as seats, or even around a tree.

While it’s possible to build a retaining wall yourself, you may not be able to address issues such as drainage and structural strength. To ensure you get reliable results, take advantage of the retaining wall building services of Coronado Best Turf. Call us today for a free quote!

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