Artificial Grass Rooftops & Decks – Due to the growing trend of artificial grass, home and business owners understand that quality turf is an outstanding alternative to natural grass. It’s reliable, durable, gorgeous, and it feels lush and fluffy underfoot. It’s the perfect landscape, whether your goal is purely aesthetic or active play for your kids or dogs.

Artificial Grass Rooftops & Decks

It’s hard to come by a San Diego beach home that boasts an incredible deck or outdoor entertaining space on the rooftop. Reinvent your beach home space by upgrading your rooftop or deck with a luxuries lush turf landscape. Here are three ways installing artificial grass on your deck or rooftop can attract more renters to your beach home while also increasing the benefits and value for you.

Coronado Best Turf can transform these areas into beautiful outdoor living areas to enhance your quality of life by creating more usable and functional spaces. As turf doesn’t require sunlight, soil or water to grow, just needs minimal maintenance throughout the year.

Artificial Grass Rooftops & Decks - Coronado Best Turf Landscapes



The obvious plan for your rooftop might be a garden, but you also can create a quiet getaway for yoga, or for a quiet break. But at night, use your space for entertaining, or a family or date night dinner.

For a business, upgrade your employee lunchroom with a rooftop picnic area, a mini-putting green or bocce court on your roof.

Whatever design elements you choose, artificial grass can transform your unused space into a practical, inviting, landscape oasis.

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Balcony or Patio

If you live in an apartment or condominium, you may not have much of a yard for you or your pet. Installing artificial turf on your balcony gives you the look of having a yard without the fuss of lawn maintenance.

Turf landscape can be customized and designed to fit any area and size. Let your imagination be your guide and create your cement patio into a small garden getaway, as artificial grass blends beautifully with trees and flowers.


This growing trend provides visual beauty to multi-level homes, high rise condominiums and balconies that want the “green look” and feel of natural grass.

Benefits of Artificial Grass Rooftops & Decks:

Casual living space:

Increase your leisure space by converting your unused areas into your own personal oasis. By using the latest technology, our turf keeps things comfy for year-round enjoyment even during the hottest of days.

Entertainment value:

Revamp your patio deck or terrace! Add an exciting entertainment area for guests, a recreational area for pets and children, or perhaps your own garden retreat.

Pet patios:

Add a little grass to your patio or terrace for your special pet. Designed a safe place to play and a place to relieve themselves in the privacy and comfort of their own home. Our artificial pet grass system keeps your pets clean, free from pests like fleas and ticks. Best of all, No muddy paws in your home!

Good for the environment:

Conserve water! As artificial grass requires little to no maintenance, and long product life makes turf landscape good for the environment.

Safe for Kids and Pets:

Coronado Best Turf considers safety a priority for all every turf options. We use the latest technology, as our turf is certified lead-free that is safe for all environments.

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