With the latest technology, Artificial turf is the most efficient and durable for residential and commercial settings. With the great qualities of Artificial Grass, home and business owners can install turf on any non-usable and usable space. Today, artificial grass gives you a beautiful lush landscape without the intensive maintenance on real grass. Artificial grass is soft to the touch and blends beautifully with existing trees, bushes, flowers and hardscape.

Great Qualities of Artificial Grass

Used in many ways, the Synthetic grass is not only for the gardens or landscaping, turf can now be installed for a variety of applications. Such as dog runs or places where pets are kennel or training facility. As well as putting greens, crosses fit gyms, schools, parks and other play areas. For sports activities, artificial grass has already started to replaced teal grass in the high school, college and professional sports.

More and more qualities increase the popularity of artificial grass which include that it’s easy to clean and maintain.

Benefits of Artificial Grass:

The appeal of great looking grass with minimal maintenance all year is quickly catching on, causing artificial turf to become the new trend in landscaping.

Home and Business owners in areas where drought or water shortages are common falls in love the low upkeep and year-round lush yard that our realistic turf creates for their landscape.

Low Maintenance:

Imagine the time you could have for more enjoyable activities if you didn’t have to spend hours mowing, weeding, watering, and fertilizing your lawn to keep it looking its best. Artificial grass is a low-maintenance landscape, it is that Simple!

Rinse It: Airborne dust and dirt can settle on your turf and make it look dingy. Fortunately, cleaning it off is as simple as rinsing with water. You can even set up a sprinkler to do this for you.

Brush It: Heavy foot traffic can cause artificial grass to look flat and matted. To correct this, simply brush it against the direction of the blades with a plastic-bristled brush. This will get the blades standing up perkily again.

High Durability & Versatile:

Artificial turf will never become unsafe and unsightly from overuse or weather conditions. In heavy foot traffic, play or pet areas, turf remains lush and looks amazing year-round with minimal maintenance.

Fast-Drying: When properly installed, artificial turf can drain off rainwater quickly to prevent puddles and soggy spots and let you spend more time enjoying your lawn.

It Lasts: When you choose a quality product, have it installed professionally, and take care of it, artificial grass can last for 15 years or more.

Versatile: Designed and installed to your specific needs, artificial turf is extremely versatile. Such as cross fit gyms, stadiums, home putting greens, backyards, rooftop gardens, etc.

Saves Water:

Artificial grass does, in fact, fit into any landscaping concept however it needs minimal water to look good. Designed to give home and business owners, turf resembles a lush look and feel of a real lawn. As it also represents a soft and stable ground covering that is perfect for family gathering, business landscapes, putting greens, play and pet areas.

Because it is more stable than crushed rock and not as hard as pavers or concrete, artificial grass is quickly becoming the new choice for those looking to save water and money while still keeping their backyard usable. As every square foot of natural grass that’s replaced with artificial turf saves approximately 55 gallons of water per year.


Pets need exercise, and outdoor play is an excellent way for them to get it. With artificial grass, you can provide your four-legged friends with a fun place to play and never worry about the issues you would see with real grass.

  • No muddy paws, No digging, No bare spots.
  • Easy to Clean & Always Looks Good.
  • Great for Play & No grass eating.
  • Dogs Can’t Dig Up the Yard.

Cleaning up after Your Pet is just as Easy.

Clean your artificial grass after your pet does their business. First, find any solid waste and remove it. You can then spot treat the area with a special enzyme cleaner or with plain vinegar. Next, rinse the grass to flush away liquid waste. That’s it!

And Most Importantly, artificial grass is Lead-Free & Safe for Kids:

With the newer technology, our artificial grass products are built to be safe, and guaranteed lead-free as well as other hazardous heavy metal waste.

It’s soft & clean: Artificial grass has a very natural feel as the turf blades are soft, not scratchy. We can also pair your artificial grass with a lawn pad/underpad that will help create more cushion in your yard and provide a softer landing when your child takes a tumble.

With artificial grass, you don’t have to worry about kids tracking dirt and mud into the house or getting grass stains all over their clothes after playing outside.

Non-toxic: Our artificial grass is non-toxic and lead-free. No need for pesticides, fertilizers, or weed killers, your children won’t be exposed to any harmful chemicals while playing on turf.

Allergy-friendly: Artificial grass enables kids with grass pollen allergies to play outside in comfort. Because synthetic turf does not attract bugs, artificial grass can also reduce worries about kids getting bitten or stung by insects.


Great Qualities of Artificial Grass - Coronado Best Turf

Landscape Turf

Great Qualities of Artificial Grass - Coronado Best Turf

Pet Turf Landscape

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Great Qualities of Artificial Grass - Coronado Best Turf

Putting Green Turf Landsacpe

Great Qualities of Artificial Grass - Coronado Best Turf

Playground Turf Landscape


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