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Artificial Landscapes can transform an outdoor space into the focal point of a home or a business. At Coronado Best Turf, we proudly serve and offer the highest quality artificial grass products with professional installation for landscapes of pavers and artificial grass Solana Beach, CA.

Artificial Grass Solana Beach, CA

Artificial grass means no watering, mud, slush, or mowing. It is simple: not only does artificial turf save you money, it saves you time too! Now you can enjoy your weekends, time and yard.  No more brown spots, mowing, buried bones or muddy paws in your home. Now you can enjoy your weekends, time and yard.


Artificial Grass Solana Beach - Playground, Pet & Golf Turf Landscapes

Commercial Landscapes

Artificial grass is the perfect choice for any landscape application such as medians, shopping centers, dog parks, hotels, and apartments. Our Artificial Grass Landscapes are ideal for high traffic areas and is built to maintain its beauty, flawless appearance year-round. No more mowing, fertilizing, and watering, ever.

Artificial Grass Solana Beach - Playground, Pet & Golf Turf Landscapes

 Residential Landscapes

Our artificial grass is soft to the touch, durable, affordable, and most essentially, environmentally safe for you, kids and your pets. Artificial grass landscape is designed to give your home a beautiful appearance of an immaculate natural lawn and blend beautifully with existing bushes, trees, flowers, pool deck, concrete, and pavers.

Artificial Grass Solana Beach - Playground, Pet & Golf Turf Landscapes Creating a stunning landscape is about using all the unique elements in the right amount so they complement each other. While pavers or concrete lends stability to the landscape, the plants, trees and artificial grass gives you freshness, greenery and life to your beautiful front or backyard.

In comparison to natural grass, artificial grass makes life a lot easier and benefits the ecosystem through many environmental and lifestyle advantages. With the newest technology, artificial grass is now softer and more like real grass. It requires no black crumb rubber making it safe and comfortable for children and pets.

Superior Look and Feel with the Benefits of:

  • Enjoying your weekend with maintenance-free grass.
  • Going green with water savings.
  • Playing on a safe, clean, quick-drying surface for kids and pets.

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